"But He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you..." 1 Corin. 12:9

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gleanings - John - Chapter 4

In chapter 3, verse 33, it says, "God is True."

In chapter 4, verse 24, it says, "God is Spirit."

These 2 statements started my brain on yet another trek I plan to take.

In tandem with reading John, I am re-reading Beth Moore's Believing God (for probably the 4th time).  In this book, she lays out 5 statements of belief one is supposed to memorize.  The 1st statement is the one the others hang on.  It is:  "God is Who He says He is."  So, in addition to my other studies, I plan to investigate everything God Himself says He is. 

A.W. Tozer says, "...faith is confidence in God's character.  And because we are not aware of what kind of God God is, or what God is like, we cannot have faith.  And so we struggle and wait and hope against hope.  But faith doesn't come, because we do not know the character of God.  'They that know what Thou art like will put their trust in Thee.'  It's automatic--it comes naturally when we know what kind of God God is....Ignorance and unbelief drag faith down, but a restored knowledge of God will bring faith up.  I don't supposed there is ever a time in the history of the world when we needed a restored knowledge of God more than we need it now (p.5, The Attributes of God, Vol. 2)."

Chapter 4 begins with story of the woman at the well.

Verse 21  "Jesus said to her, 'Woman, believe Me..."  THIS is what He is saying to me as well.

Verse 22 fits right into the Tozer thoughts.  "You worship what you do not know..."  I think this is true in every person's life to some extent.  We are NEVER going to totally know Someone Who is UNFATHOMABLE.  But there are so many things we can know about Him because He has taken the time to reveal them to us.  He has given me a way to get to know Him.  His Word.  And it is my job to ferret out all that I can.

Verse 23 (Message)  "It's who you are and the way you live that count before God.  Your worship must engage your spirit in the pursuit of Truth.  That's the kind of people the Father is looking out for:  those who are simply and honestly themselves before Him as they worship."

Verse 26 says, " I Who speak to you am He."  In the original text, it says, "I Who speak to you AM (p.1486, William MacDonald, Believer's Bible Commentary)."  That is so powerful to me.  I wish the translators would always translate where Jesus says, "I AM" in just that manner.  I know the 'He' is implied, but I'd rather just leave it implied and let the power of "I AM" ring forth!

In verse 34, Jesus says, "My food is to do the will of Him Who sent Me and to finish His work."

I'd like this to be my fuel as well.

Verse 42 says, "They said to the woman, 'It is no longer because of what you said that we believe, for we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this is indeed the Savior of the world.'"  Every person must get to this place.  Most of us start out believing because someone took the time to tell us about Jesus and to help us see our need for a Savior.  But we cannot rest on their faith.  We have to get and to grow our own.  Someone else's faith will not support you when life throws you a hard ball.

In vv46-54, a royal official approaches Jesus to get healing for his son. 

In v50 Jesus says to him, 'You may go.  Your son will live.'  And I LOVE the next part!  It says, "The man took Jesus at His Word and departed."

O to have faith like that!  That is my GOAL!  To trust Jesus and take EVERY one of His Words as truth and TO ACT ON IT!

Verse 53 shows us that the official's active faith truly was rewarded.  Before he could even get all the way home, his servants were running out to tell him that his son was well!  Woohoo!!!

Faith as small as a mustardseed--
The initial step taken toward

GOD speaks; I obey.

I may not 'feel' belief, BUT
I can step out and act on
my belief and say
through my actions
that what GOD says
is more believable than
my feelings.


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