"But He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you..." 1 Corin. 12:9

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can I really mean this song when I sing it?

Open Up the Sky
by Jonathan Stockstill

Our beloved Father please come down and meet us.
We are waiting on Your Touch.
Open up the heavens, shower down Your Presence.
We respond to Your Great Love.

(Alright, I'm with Mr. Stockstill all the way here.  And I'll even go so far as to sing the next part with meaning too.)

We won't be satisfied with anything ordinary.
We won't be satisfied at all.

(But here comes the hard part:)

Open up the sky, fall down like rain.  (That's still good.)
We don't want blessings; we want You.  (The last 1/2 is true too; it's the 1st part I get hung up on.)
Open up the sky, fall down like fire.
We don't want anything but You.  (And again here.  Can I really say that and mean it?)

Our Beloved Jesus, we just want to see You
In the glory of Your Light.
Earthly things don't matter; they just fade and shatter   (My brain is right there w/ this, but my heart?)
When we're touched by Love Divine.

(My biggest problem with the above line is that people are included in my earthly things.  And frankly, my flesh likes to be comfortable.  I think I could deal with losing things; my people is harder.)

Here we go; let's go to the Throne
    The place that we belong
Right into His Arms.       
(Now we're back into safer territory again!)


At our worship team practice last Tuesday night, my friend Katie spoke about not being sure she could totally mean some parts of this song and I have been chewing on this dilemma ever since.

I want to be able to mean it from my heart.  I don't want to just come close to Him with my lips.  And, I want to already be at the point where I can mean it, because I also know that when I speak of Him changing me in a way this big it is liable to hurt.  And I don't really like the pain of the change process.  Hmmm.

I guess I'm back to my constant prayer:
      "Lord, I'm never going to be any better than I am if You don't change me.  Help!"

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  1. This song is one of my most favorite praise and worship songs...I feel the presence of God when I hear it and sing it! So powerful!